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Ibland tror man att man drömmer om det som pågår i omvärlden. Vad är verklighet och vad är fantasi i ett nyhetsflöde som stundom vetter mot det absurda? Idag läste jag t ex följande i The Guardian:

A Republican campaign to defend America against a sweeping assault on personal freedoms – or energy-saving lightbulbs as they are more commonly known – went down in defeat on Tuesday night.

The result is a rejection of one of the great causes of the conservative Tea Party movement: the repeal of a 2007 law promoting environmentally efficient lighting.

Presidential contender Michele Bachmann and talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck had dismissed the legislation as an assault on personal freedom.

In a speech in New Orleans last month Bachmann declared: ”President Bachmann will allow you to buy any lightbulb you want.”

But Tuesday night’s vote in the House of Representatives failed to muster the two-thirds majority needed under special rules invoked by Republicans to fasttrack the repeal…

Republicans’ hopes of using the defence of old-fashioned 100 watt bulbs as a rallying cry for freedom had already begun to dim by Tuesday night.

The party cast the 2007 measure, which was signed into law by George Bush, as an outright ban on the familiar 100 watt bulb, and even an affront to its inventor Thomas Edison. In their view encouraging the adoption of curly lightbulbs was yet another example of government overreach by Barack Obama.

Energilampa – en skymf mot Edison?

USA är ju möjligheternas land och allt tycks just nu vara möjligt, åtminstone i det inrikespolitiska spelet.

The Guardian har också under dagen haft en direktrapportering minut för minut från rättegången kring Julian Assanges utlämnande i The High Court i London. Så här lät referatet under en del av eftermiddagen:

3.36pm: Ben Emmerson, Assange’s barrister, says the idea of isolating a moment of lack of consent in an encounter that was consenting both before and after ”is crazy”.
He says: ”A lot of what has been said to your lordships is simply a waste of time.”

3.42pm: From the high court, Robert Booth says Ben Emmerson is talking in a deliberately emphatic manner in an attempt to change the atmosphere of the court in Assange’s favour.

3.50pm: Emmerson goes into detail about Assange’s sharing a single bed with a woman – to laughter in the court.

3.58pm: The question is did she consent to his getting an erection, says Emmerson, Assange’s barrister.
”The question is what he does with it,” says Mr Justice Ouseley.

4.01pm: Emmerson, for Assange, says of his client:
He’s lying beside her in a single bed, my lord. Men will get erections involuntarily during a night’s sleep. In a single bed with a man there’s a strong possibility she will come into contact with an erect penis.

The judge replies: ”I agree.”

Förlåt det ekivoka ämnesvalet i vad som annars är en familjeblogg. Å andra sidan kommer ju replikväxlingen från en hög juridisk nivå i England. Man förstår att domarna nu behöver några veckor på sig för att reda ut vad som tilldrog sig i den smala enkelsängen i relation till EU:s snåriga lagstiftning om utlämnande mellan medlemsländer.

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