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”Another fine mess” är Antony Lermans sammanfattning i The Guardian av det tumult som uppstod kring FN:s antirasismkonferens i Geneve. Vem vann egentligen på den iranske presidentens hätska utfall eller på västländernas svarsreaktion? Om Ahmadinejad trodde sig främja palestiniernas sak så misstog han sig förstås grundligt:

Did the anti-Israel rhetoric at the 2001 Durban anti-racism conference help alleviate the plight of the Palestinians one iota? No. The last eight years have seen a gross deterioration in their position. Did the attempt to brand Zionism a form of racism help bring closer an end to the aggressive settlement policy on the West Bank? No. It continued apace. And with the new rightwing dominated government now in power in Israel, that policy looks likely to intensify. The Palestinians, who deserve no less than a complete and immediate end to occupation and all the repressive policies and human rights abuses that go with it, lost out then and will lose out again.

Å andra sidan: bojkotten av konferensen eller det demonstrativa uttåget av delegater tjänade mest dem som ville kapa konferensen för sina egna kortsiktiga politiska syften:

The boycotts by the US, Canada, Israel, Italy and others only hand a kind of victory on a plate to those who want to hijack the conference for their own, narrow political purposes. Since when has the UN been a children’s tea party? It can’t help for powerful countries to give the impression that they cannot make the arguments that need to be made against Ahmadinejad and his ilk. And these arguments need to be addressed to a wider world audience. And in whose interests is it for Israel to be playing the victim? Israel too is perfectly capable of making its arguments. What on earth will withdrawing its ambassador from Switzerland achieve? When the dust settles, it will be easy for other states to ask: ”Why should we entertain the likes of a far right racist like your foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman?”

Kampen mot rasism och historielöshet förs bäst öppet och med ordentliga motargument. Norges hållning vid konferensen visade vägen i det avseendet.

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